#4: zangeresaxana

    Hi everyone! :D Today I'm proud to bring ya'll my latest hair request from zangeresaxana. I loved this hairstyle and I enjoyed making it a lot! Thus, I literally gave myself a pat on the back after finishing this one. ;>
No.4 - zangeresaxana's request
    What do you think? ^^ It's now on sale on my Starbazaar for a reasonable price of 79sd if you're interested.
    Don't forget that you always can request your favorite hairstyle right on this blog. :) However, due to some problems with the Boku system recently I haven't been able to purchase Superstar yet, so I'm afraid there will be some delayment. :(((

Anyways, see you next time!


#3: -PokerDot13-

   Finally I've finished this one! It took me longer than usual because the curls are pretty hard to make :P So I had to go 2 parts for this one. Sometimes it requires more than 65 pieces, you know? ;)
No3. -PokerDot13-
    I call it 'super ombre' and you can find it on my Starbazaar at 146sd. Have a nice day yall <3 a="" and="" any="" can="" comment="" designs="" div="" don="" forget="" have="" i="" if="" improve="" leave="" my="" on="" so="" t="" them="" thoughts="" to="" you="">
See you again,


#2: arianagcover

    It's Phuong and here is HMT's second hair request preview :) It is yet another extraordinary hairstyle, but I had fun making it! The wig is quite cute and playful, maybe not many dolls around SD world would wear it, but that's why I'm here for ;) making rare hairstyles!
No2. Arianagcover's request
    Any thoughts? I don't think I actually 'nailed it' hmm :/ Anyways.. If you want a hairstyle and you can't find it anywhere on Stardoll, just remember this blog is always open! :) Visit HERE to order a wig.
Until next time,


#1: Chiccooldana101

    Hi guys. I'm dont_read_it here and I'm glad to announce that the first hair request on the blog is finished. Here is the final result:

No1. Chiccooldana101's request
    What do you think about it? It doesn't look too detailed because I tried to make it in 1 part. It is now being sold in my Bazaar for only 79sd. :)
    Not your style of wig? Looking for a hairstyle that is not created yet? Easy! You can just request your own wig HERE. Remember, only 1 request/doll/week. 

Until next time,


Welcome to Haut Monde tresses!

    Hi everyone! I'm dont_read_it and finally my project has arrived. This is something I'd been planning for a long time and now it's here :D I can't tell how much excited I am right now. Well, welcome to Haut Monde tresses!
    This is a place where you can order the hairstyle you've always desired. We will try our best to help deliver what you want on your Stardoll. Dreams do come true here. Click HERE to start ordering!
    Make sure you have the right hair on the right doll.